SCOTO Bets Preview: Perry vs. Means

Welterweight Bout

Fan favorite Platinum Mike Perry is back in the win column following his unanimous decision victory over Mickey Gall in June. Perry is now 14-6 with 11 knockouts, though his last three victories have gone the distance.

Tim Means has a lot of experience in professional mixed martial arts and in the UFC. He has 44 bouts on his record, 24 of which have been in the UFC. He has seven finishes of his eleven wins in the UFC, five knockouts and two submissions.

Perry is an aggressive striker who looks to move forward, cut off the octagon and throw bombs. He has a nasty right overhand and is usually looking to set it up with his jab. He doesn’t throw many combinations, unless he has his opponents hurt and is pressing.

Perry has strong kicks to all three levels, but doesn’t always invest in leg kicks early. The impressive part about his kicks are how quickly they get to the target, especially his front kicks to the body. He mixes in some very nice knees, both as counters and in the clinch.

Defensively, Perry has great head movement but sometimes relies on it too much. He holds a low guard until his opponents prove to him that he shouldn’t. He’s as game as they come, almost to a fault when he gets into car crash-type battles. The kid is tough as hell but he takes a lot of damage on his chin.

Perry has good wrestling schools and pretty solid jiu jitsu, though these areas aren’t the strongest parts of his game, and he likely won’t have the grappling advantage over Tim Means. He’s very strong for 170, and has executed some impressive takedowns in his career, though they had not lead to much ground & pound, until his most recent fight against Mickey Gall. In that fight, Perry was able to find multiple takedowns, control long portions of the 1st and 2nd rounds, and land strikes from top mount.

His defensive wrestling is very strong, and he should be able to keep this fight standing, if that’s what his gameplan is to do. In the Gall fight, Perry never really found himself in a disadvantageous position on the ground or in the clinch, and Gall is a well-credentialed grappler. Tim Means is also a fairly credentialed grappler.

Tim Means is also an aggressive striker, but in a different way than Perry. Means has a snappy jab and patiently presses forward with it to draw forward attacks out of his opponents. Once they push back, he brings an uppercut from hell. He doesn’t usually let the exchanges end there, looking to finish up with hooks upstairs, all while avoiding damage with some stellar head movement.

Means is an extremely impressive striker, his experience is evident in his patience, he has an advanced variety of strikes to work with and is very intelligent. He doesn’t throw all that many kicks but when he does, they’re very well set up and his opponents rarely see them coming because they’re so concerned about his left hand. He shows a variety of different looks to set up his left hand and is pretty strong defensively.

Means does damage in the clinch, his long frame allows him to control opponents in clinch positions and land knees and elbows. He has very strong double leg takedowns but, in this fight, they’ll really only serve to score points on the judges cards. Means isn’t a particularly controlling presence on top and Mike Perry is tough to keep down.

For as good as his head movement is, Means absorbs a lot of strikes. That’s bad news in this fight, but he will likely be able to slow the fight down with his grappling and allow himself time to recover if he does get wobbled at any point.

The way this matches up stylistically, it’s going to be a back-and-forth brawl, and is sure to produce an exciting result. Both fighters will have their moments and, with the power they both possess, someone will likely finish the fight.

One of the things we’re sure about is that Means’ jab is going to find home early and often. When that happens, he tends to get his opponents to move forward into his counters the way he wants them to. Once that happens, he stands in the pocket and trades shots. Both of these fighters do their damage here, and both of them will be willing to go toe-to-toe in the center of the octagon in flurries. Someone is going to get caught at some point.

Means’ jab finding home is generally a good sign that he’ll have the striking advantage as well. Perry will be chasing him for a lot of this one, and Means is an educated counter striker. We like Means on the moneyline, but we don’t think he’s too safe of a bet, being that Perry is always dangerous in those close exchanges.

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