About the Blog and Picks

What it is:

Our betting guide, blog posts and picks are produced for each and every UFC Fight Night and Pay-Per-View, as informational and advisory material for the betting public. In the guide is analysis, statistics, picks and wagering strategies for at least three fights on the main card. Each bout analysis features everything from storylines going into the fight, recent results, previous fights and fighter history, breakdowns of each fighters’ style and much more. The guide and site also feature picks for plenty of fights on each card, outside of the ones extensively reported on within the guide.

How to use it:

However you want to. While we make unit recommendations for our wagers, you are not necessarily meant to take every single bet we recommend at the recommended amount. The unit amounts presented in the report are recommendations based on confidence level in the pick. It is each gambler’s own responsibility to play responsibly and know his or her own limits.

Types of Picks:

High Confidence Pick: This is our most successful play this year, at just under 73% so far in 2021. A lot of the fights which we choose to write about will feature a High Confidence Pick, but not always. Each card we pick will feature at least one, but usually not more than three High Confidence Picks. This pick is exactly what it sounds like, we are very confident in it.

Confident Pick: This is our second-most successful play (by percentage) this year, cashing at just under 52% so far in 2021. The Confident Pick is usually a side or result that accompanies a High Confidence Play that is based on the distance of the fight. Other times, it’s the most confident play we have for a fight we don’t feel comfortable assigning a High Confidence pick to. We recommend hedging Confident Picks, but feel free to feel confident in them. Think of these picks as our way of saying “we’re about 75% sure that this is going to happen.”

Value Play: The value play is not an overwhelmingly successful play by percentage, but it is extremely profitable. The reason this pick doesn’t hit at a high percentage is because it isn’t meant to. These are picks “to keep an eye on,” because they present a lot of value and we think they have a legitimate chance. This pick is NOT meant for heavy units, unless you’re feeling very lucky and have some room to work.

Hedge Play: This is a minimum unit bet meant to hedge your risk against the unexpected. If you’ve watched mixed martial arts for as long as we have, you know that crazy and unanticipated results happen all the time. The hedge play is a recommendation made so that, if that situation occurs, your account lives to recover on the next fight.

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