SCOTO Bets Preview: Ribas vs. Rodriguez

Amanda Ribas comes into this fight 10-1 as a professional and riding a five-fight win streak. She is undefeated in the UFC at 4-0 with some impressive wins, including unanimous decisions over Mackenzie Dern and Randa Markos. She has three career knockouts and four submissions.

Marina Rodriguez is 12-1-2 in her career, and suffered her first loss in her most recent fight, by split decision to Carla Esparza. She earned her entry to the UFC with a first round knockout of Maria Oliveira on the Contender Series in 2016. She has five career knockouts and one submission. 

Ribas has dominated each of her UFC fights, and her only career loss was a tough knockout early in her career. Outside of that moment, she reeky hasn’t been put at a disadvantage at any point in her career. She controlled the standing action, and the the clinch and grappling exchanges for all three rounds against her toughest opponent to date, Dern. She’s a very well-rounded fighter with a variety of skillsets to work with.

Ribas is an advanced black belt in both jiu jitsu and judo. Her striking is improving with every fight, but it was never bad to begin with. She has excellent hand speed and shows her opponents a lot of different looks and striking combinations. She has a balanced attack to all three levels, and can press forward and pressure her opponents or stay on the outside and counter. She can swing in the pocket, she can stick and move, all while avoiding damage.

She’s a monster in the clinch, dominating position along the fence and landing knees to the legs and midsection. She has very strong judo throws which she usually uses to counter her opponents’ takedown attempts, but she can use them offensively from the clinch as well. Once she gets the fight to the ground, her opponents rarely get up before the bell.

Ribas is very good at keeping her weight on her opponents’ chests and establishing head position on the ground. She gasses fighters out that way and keeps them where they can’t hurt her. She has very smooth transitions and some nasty ground striking. She can throw in armbars from sneaky scrambling positions and is always a threat to pull submissions.

Overall, Ribas is comfortable, and has the skills to succeed, anywhere the fight goes. There’s a reason there’s a lot of hype around her, but Marina Rodriguez will look to crush that hype on Saturday night. Rodriguez is hungry to get back on track following the loss of the “0” in a split decision loss to Carla Esparza this past Summer.

Rodriguez is an advanced muay thai striker who looks to apply positional pressure, move in for two, three or four-strike combinations, and move back out to space. She has a lot of power in her hands and a variety of combinations. She has a mean straight right and catches her opponents off guard when she throws double rights after her jab, either to the body or up top. 

She throws mean kicks to all three levels and works her low kicks into her combinations. She looks to move forward into the Thai clinch, where she is an absolute monster. She throws knees to the gut and to the head and does a lot of damage in these exchanges. 

Rodriguez’s takedown defense is not very good, which is concerning in this matchup. She does have some decent scrambling ability but has been controlled on the ground before. She is aggressive from her guard, throwing up triangles, throwing elbows and hooks, and throwing upkicks any time her opponents try to stack her guard. 

When she’s on top, she lands vicious hammerfists and elbows. She isn’t great at controlling her opponents but she is aggressive and does as much damage as she can. She is not very cautious of her limbs on the ground, and gives up her back easily. Again, that’s a problem against Amanda Ribas. 

Rodriguez may have the striking advantage on paper, but really it’ll be about even. It won’t matter much, this fight is going to the ground and Ribas is likely going to win inside the distance. Rodriguez takes too much damage on the ground and allows too many submission opportunities to survive fifteen minutes with Ribas.

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