SCOTO Bets Preview: Arlovski vs. Boser

Tanner Boser is oner of the more exciting prospects in the Heavyweight division. He is now on a two-fight win streak, both knockouts, and is 3-1 in the UFC. His lone loss is to Ciryl Gane. Boser is the only opponent of Gane’s whom he hasn’t finished, and he had his moments in that fight. He’ll be going toe-to-toe with 50-fight veteran, Andrei Arlovski.

Boser is a fairly technical striker who can throw absolute bombs. He throws a great variety of jabs & straights, hooks, uppercuts up top and to the body, and mixes in the occasional overhand. That overhand is absolutely devastating, and its extremely sneaky. He can be successful leading the action or returning fire, but is more dangerous when he lands a jab and starts sprinting forward and throwing hooks with both hands. He mixes in a good amount of leg kicks and the occasional kick to the body.

Defensively, Boser generally looks to stay on the outside and wait for his entry opportunities. He has very good footwork and moves well, but he doesn’t have great head movement and holds a pretty wide guard. He also doesn’t hold his guard or return to it well when throwing power shots. He got exposed for this in his unanimous decision loss to Gane, but appears to have improved in these areas in his two fights since then.

Boser has looked better and better in each of his four fights inside the UFC octagon, faster, more measured, more difficult to predict, better defensively. He is a fighter approaching his peak and the ceiling is very high for a fighter of his skillset.

A lot of people are expecting an early knockout in Bower’s favor, and this might have a lot to do with the memory of Arlovski getting knocked out by Jairzinho Rozenstruik in 29 seconds. The thing is, Arlovski isn’t actually that easy to finish standing. In his last 13 fights, Arlovski has been knocked out four times, however these finishes have come at the hands of the forementioned Rozenstruik, Francis Ngannou, Alistair Overeem and now-champion of the division, Stipe Miocic.

Arlovski is a pretty athletic kickboxer with active hands. He likes to fight from distance and catch his opponents moving forward. He throws good straight shots to the body and strong hooks to the chin. He’s an intelligent and advanced striker, but he it’s questionable whether he has the power to win this fight by stoppage. If this fight is going to go Arlovski’s way, he’s going to have to extend it into the later rounds. That’ll be a tough task, as he has a bad habit of exposing his chin when he attacks, and has been caught a number of times, even in the fights which he has managed to extend the full fifteen minutes.

Arlovski’s low southpaw guard is going to leave huge windows for Boser to land his right overhand. Stylistically and strategically, this fight is screaming Tanner Boser by early knockout. Arlovski hasn’t been easy to finish but, when Boser throws bombs the way he has in his last few fights, he’s almost as powerful as the previously mentioned fighters to finish Arlovski, and he’s aggressive enough to follow the overhand he will inevitably stun Arlovski with.

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