SCOTO Bets Preview: “Thug Nasty” Mitchell vs. “Touchy” Fili

Featherweight Bout 

Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell remains undefeated as a professional and will be making a much-anticipated return to the octagon following his unanimous decision victory over Charles Rosa in May. Mitchell is 13-0 as a professional with nine finishes, all submissions. He’s 3-0 in the UFC and will have a challenge to face in Andre Fili.

Fili is a UFC veteran of seven years and fifteen fights. He’s 21-7 with seven careers finishes, five of them knockouts. Five of Fili’s last six victories have come by decision.

Bryce Mitchell is a grappler by trade, with excellent wrestling skills. He has very strong single leg and high crotch takedowns and usually looks to score a takedown early in the first round and start looking for chokes.

He’s a jiu jitsu black belt with a great understanding of positioning and a wide variety of dangerous submissions in his arsenal. He finished only the second twister hold in UFC history two fights ago against Matt Sayles, and almost got the third one in his next fight against Charles Rosa.

Mitchell is constantly looking for chokes, armbars and leg locks on the ground, but uses his ground striking to set up his transitions. He uses leg hooks to control fights on the ground for long periods of time and can gas his opponents out if they’re able to survive into the later rounds without getting caught.

On his feet, Mitchell is a pretty defensively sound kick boxer. He is mostly just looking to stay on the outside until he can find an opportunity to shoot in, but he has decent striking ability. He has pretty good hooks, and throws a lot of high kicks and kicks to the body. He can do damage with knees in the clinch. There isn’t too much to say about Mitchell’s stand up striking, because most of his fights are on the ground for most of the time.

Andre Fili is a long and quick kickboxer with pretty good power. He’s a forward-moving fighter with a stiff jab and great hooks. He has a variety of kicks in his arsenal and throws them both up high and to the body. He has a great lead hook and is at no shortage of tools to keep opponents guessing while standing.

Defensively, his head doesn’t usually move off the center line, which is concerning. Fili tends to rely on his footwork to help him evade strikes. It’s not like Mitchell throws bombs, but all he needs is to land one jab to get in for the takedown. There’s no question that if this fight stays standing, Fili is going to have the advantage. The big question is whether he’ll be able to stuff Mitchells shots and keep the fight where he wants it.

Fili has shown an ability to wrestle, but he isn’t nearly on the same level as Thug Nasty. Fili’s tendency to press is going to move him forward right into Mitchell’s takedowns, and he’s going to spend a lot of the fight on his back.

We love Mitchell on the Moneyline at -135. Fili has been tapped a few times in his career, and this is definitely a grappling mismatch, so Mitchell by submission is a value play we really like at +270.

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